Some parents find their local schools well-equipped to handle their children's special needs. For others, getting their child the help he or she requires is an enormously trying and emotional experience.


I help families of children who have suspected disabilities or who already have an IEP wade through the educational process to ensure their child’s educational rights are being met. I advise families on what to do when they believe their child is not making progress, I can also attend school meetings with you to help you work collaboratively with your district.   My role, as your advocate, is to help support you and help you understand the educational data in your child’s school file.  I will work with you prior to meetings to set goals, and then accompany you to make sure those goals are met. 

Your child's educational success depends greatly upon the IEP and 504 plan.  This includes the blueprint mapped out to ensure your child is getting the help he or she needs.  My goal is to ensure these plans are implemented and followed.

IEP and 504 Planning

Meeting with school officials can be emotional and intimidating. As your Advocate, I will be by your side offering support, guidance, and direction by attending meetings with your local school district.

In Person Advocacy

In order to help your child achieve his or her full potential, I provide a plan for moving forward by conducting an extensive review of your child's educational records, private evaluations, and educational assessments.

Educational Record                Review

Navigating state and federal laws, as a parent, can be overwhelming.  I can  help you become familiar with Special Education regulations to understand your rights as a parent of a child with special needs.

   Parent Education

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Non-attorney advocate helping families and children in education.