Online Academic Therapy


Structured Literacy + An Expert Therapist + Customized Practice =

A More Capable, Confident Student

  • Live 1-on-1 therapy-via webcam for 45 minutes each week.

  • Daily practice-Your child completes online games, instructional videos, and activities to reinforce lessons between sessions.

  • Baseline assessments conducted to determine areas of academic strength and need.

  • Fast progress-Lexercise guarantees that your child will improve at least one grade level in reading after eight weeks of Lexercise therapy or your next four weeks are free.

  • Success-Your child becomes the secure, confident student you know they can be.


  • Lexercise Therapy costs $450 for each four weeks of literacy therapy.

  • It is billed in 4 week increments.

Learn more about Lexercise and how your child can     leave academic struggles behind.