Academic Therapy and Education Advocacy

$450.00 every 4 weeks (includes:)

Free Screening for Learning Disabilities

Face to Face weekly lesson (internet)

Parent Education and assignments

Customized Practice 4 days per week (Games and Videos)


Academic Therapy


Navigating Federal laws, as a parent, can be overwhelming.  I can  help you become familiar with Special Education regulations to understand your rights as a parent of a child with special needs.

  Special Education

File Review

$150.00 Skill Assessment and File Review

$65.00 Per 45 minute Session

Math Therapy

$80 per hour

Meeting with school officials can be emotional and intimidating. As your Advocate, I will be by your side offering support, guidance, and direction by attending meetings with your local school district

Special Education

Parent Support

Learn more about Lexercise and how your child can     leave academic struggles behind.